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The purpose of this website is to provide the visitor with practical information on ways to improve health and running speed while sharing my Masters Track & Field journey from couch potato to USATF Masters National Multi Champion, National Senior Games Multi Champion, World Masters Athletics Champion and my Induction to the USATF Masters Hall Of Fame.  It all started just before my 50th birthday when I suddenly decided that I wanted to compete in organized Track & Field events. I did not know that Age-Group Track & Field competitions existed. I had minor health issues with high cholesterol also.  I searched the Web and discovered the National Senior Olympics/Games and USATF Masters Track & Field.  Since that time, it has been my mission to gather information on ways to improve my conditioning and speed for Track & Field events. 

I am a member of USA Track and Field Masters, the World Masters Athletics  and the  National Senior Games Association. The USATF Masters Championships are held yearly to determine who are the fastest male and female athletes in the USA.  The World Masters Athletics Championships are held every two years in different countries around the world to determine who are the fastest male and female athletes in the World.  USATF Masters & WMA athletes compete in five year age groups starting at age 30.  The National Senior Games are held every two years (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.) in one of the states that form the USA.  NSGA athletes compete in five year age groups starting at age 50.  To participate in the National Senior Games, you must first qualify through a NSGA State Competition during the year before the next National Senior Games competition (2016, 2018, 2020, etc). 

To prepare for Masters T&F competitions; I searched the Web for information that helps improve speed and conditioning, then placed it here.  I have learned a great deal about training tactics used to help one become a fitter, faster athlete.  Athletes will find the contents here very beneficial. It doesn't matter what sport you are participating in, or your age-group level of competition (Junior High School, College, Professional, or Masters). This site is good for those who just want to improve their level of fitness also.

A wide variety of information that rewards you in many ways is just a click away.  There are articles here (illustrations, along with some video) about general health, nutrition, treating and preventing injuries, and links to other good websites.  So, be sure to browse through this website in its entirety.  Also, look here to see my Masters Track & Field performances.  Continue to visit periodically, as I continue to broaden the contents of this website.                                                                          

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